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Baby Parts Way with Ling Diyao


Baby guard Ling Diyao was told by the team yesterday that he would be released and sent to other teams which show interest in this deal. The 35-year-old is obviously a liability to the team as his ablilities started to drop despite of his top performance last season. He avaeraged 17.3 ppg and shooting nearly 50 percent and 43 percent from deep. He was the second best scorer last season, only behind the all-star Antero Basílio. But neither of these statistics can secure his position during this transition period of Love Baby. Upon the signing of Tine Peršina, a Slovenian young talent, there were speculations about the team selling Ling.

However, the veteran has earned enough credit to be introduced into the Love Baby hall-of-fame already in season 51. Ling Diyao was bought by Love Baby in season 40 and then teamed up with former U21 Leung Woon Wing starting from season 44. Ling has played 339 games for Love Baby and scored a total of 5310 points, which ranks the third in Baby's history, after all-time legends Fan Shun Cai and Lai Bin Xuan.




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