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Coming a Perfect Ten, Baby Leads in Ranking for the first time

Just like the power ranking of NBA, BB also has a world and a regional ranking as an integrated comparison am

ong different teams. Seasons ago, Baby's ranking stood at around 50 when being in Division 2 and lately has went downhill reaching almost 100. However in the latest ranking delivered in today morning, Baby was placed at 84 (HK), and 7536 (World). Baby finally passed ColaBottle, lead the league in regional ranking. The rise was probably due to the winning streak which Baby is knocking the door of the 10th game consecutively won on the coming Saturday. Trying to pride for the perfect ten isn't easy as they will need to triumph 南區犯罪者, a tough team, sitting at 4 in the west coast.


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S28 Player Statistics

Here's the Season 28 Player Statistics. Please enjoy! Click here to access. #notice #season28

Get rubbishCCO Beaten Finally

Yesterday night right after the game ended, over ten thousand fans celebrating like their team just won the finals, inside Love Baby home court The Stars Stadium. Why are they so excited? Coz they wit

Surprise Trade

Love Baby has supposedly finalized their roster list by adding a 21 yo and mvp-pot guard Alan Käbi who has similar abilities with Ross, the young talent being surprisingly traded away last week. Fans


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