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Farewell Game by Antero Basílio

With over 20k fans in @R.I.P. City home court Liberland standing and clapping hands to show their respect, the 8-time MVP left the court with gorgeous performance of record-breaking 67 points and 5 dimes. Antero Basílio got hot hand early and made 10 threes at last, but still failed to contend the opponent.

'We trust him, just give him the ball. He's too hot to handle, man. Every basket he makes is legendary. We know this (the record breaking) is coming...' Another guard Hannes Uri, who witnessed this, talked to the reporter.

Unfortunately, as agreed with the team earlier, He together with Antero Basílio will say goodbye to the team if the promotion campaign is unsuccessful. Both players will save the team 220k for the salary that activates the reconstruction process.

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