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S31 Off-Season Move (2)

While most guess Baby is seeking buyers for the two veterans Vladan Belada (VB) and Corrado Varaldi, the club made a critical signing on Thursday with Li Dafang, a 32 years-old Power Forward from China. The deal was approximately 1.19m, which was the second highest-valued trade in the franchise history.

It is unclear that the move is a constructive one, but undoubtedly Li could be worth that amount. Manager MarCoN!c responded, "He is an all-round player, able to put pressure on shooters and low post players. We hope he can manage to play well with the team, shoot more and show his killer instinct on court."

However, after Li joins the squad, there will be two offensive spots, or even three if they start Lai. Offense will become more dimensional as Lai, Nikolaos and Li can shoot, with VB dominating the paint. They can hardly be guardable in the next season.

If things go smoothly, Love Baby is again a serious contender in the East. What not avoidable is aging and injury problems like the past season as the veterans' skills dropped during injuries. Varaldi will be 35, VB and Nik be 34, and Li be 33 in the coming September. Aging cannot be cured but injury can be prevented that Baby signed Lv.5 medic Diego Romero to help the veterans maintain a good health status.


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