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Who to Replace Fan?

After the training session on Friday, Fan Shun Cai, the 34 year-old had announced through the team head trainer that he felt exhausted physically and was mentally not prepared for the upcoming intensive schedule in the league. Fan had also stated clearly that he was not going to retire yet, but expressed his willingness to play a smaller role in the team.

On the same day, a letter from manager MarCoN!c to Fan was publicized by the club, giving thanks to him for years of contributions. It also mentioned that Fan and him two were as close as friends after being together in 15 seasons. He did respect Fan's decision and would soon be working on recruiting a new teammate possibly to replace Fan who would be moved to the sixth man role.

Another pillar protecting the perimeter for Baby is the new arrival Juan Carlos Carmona, seemed to have adapted and working well with other teammates hopefully, whom was not someone MarCoN!c needed to worry about.

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