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Baby Misses 9-Pot Talent


The draft result has really shocked the team that they missed the 9-pot shooting guard Yim Tien Buen .Love Baby officially admitted they have made a mistake on the calculation of the draft order and turned out has drafted their second choice.

"We thought that we should own pick one in the draft as we have the worst regular season record, but indeed RgunsII has. We realise finally the rule in BuzzerBeater states that if a team has forfeited a game, it will not be counted as a loss when arranging the draft order. In this case, we are counted having a record which is the same as RgunsII but they do have the bigger point differentials and so get the first pick," assistant coach explained.

Although the most-wanted player has joined another club, Baby still got satisfying picks in season 25. They picked a 4k salary and pot-7 small forward Lai Bin Xuan, a pot-8 shooting guard Hon Chun Pong and a pot-6 power forward So Thien Pong. All of them are good players with respectable starting skiils.

However, after relegating to Division 3, the new draftees and recently bought Lee have put stress on Baby's salary cap. They so announced the release of several players yesterday at the meeting of the young talents. They have been transfer listed including Fan for 400k, Sanjin for 450k, and which all are not tagged as much expensive as rumors expected.

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Delay of Live Game Broadcast

S26-Notice-XX056 30 minutes before the tip-off yesterday, we were informed the starting lineup of the away team. We realised that @J for Justin was giving up the game as they used only five players to


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