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Baby with the Dilemma

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Baby actively shopping young talents had made her competitors unsettled though most of the victors at the East themselves have had terrifying enough 400k armies which are determined marching towards the crown. @FS_union leads the way with 477k rosters and @Oneal has 462k, followed by @Boston-Celtics and @小天隊 from the West. When talking abut roster salaries, Baby's 288k is left behind at no.7, but she still pays more than half of the western teams. It is an unbalanced situation similar to last season.

The West continues to watch from sidelines the pitiful Baby struggling. As manager of @小天隊 said, 'Our strategy is to get them (the East) exhausted first. And on our side, to make sure us qualified for the playoffs. Indeed their so-called strategy is indifferent with other western teams, which can have their rosters rotated, rookies gained experience and their ts (team spirit) saved. They are the most unpredictable as outsiders cannot guess when they will spend the bullets saved throughout the season.

At a press conference earlier, manager MarCoN!c admitted there was an internal discussion about giving up the season in exchange for the first pick of this season. 'But now @Killbane has been in front of us in the track. Everything must be re-considered.' Instead, Baby is acquiring talented rookies, particularly with great defensive awareness. Rumors also reported that when Baby finished their cup matches near mid-season, some of the veterans might be released for sale.




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