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Breaking Trade

The potential hall of famer guard Antonio together with 22yo Lee was put on transfer list yesterday for the second time. A week ago, they were tagged 700k and 250k respectively and turned out to be too high. Baby tried to sell their precious Antonio at 600k while Lee at only 1k, for the highest bidder.

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Season 27: Review

Season 27 comes to an end. It seems we don't have enough time to complete our reconstruction of Love Baby that another season just flashed by. Although everything is still on track, training which is

Leung would be Traded

Next season will be the last for Leung to stay at Love, quoted from manager MarCoNic. But when to sell him depends on training progress of the youth. It can be at mid-season, or even after all regular

A Little Report on Blog

A little piece of news today about progress of the blog. We have finalized the blog info and contact page. Within the coming week, we will be working on transferring the old posts from and al


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