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Fan Cai Back Home


Two seasons ago, when the 30yo guard left his home team, everybody including Fan Cai himself did not expect a turn-back. But at the fresh start of season 27, something impossible happens. Love Baby manager MarCoN!c announced yesterday that have acquired the grown-up-there shooting guard for 153k, hoping his return can bring along with his experience and perimeter abilities into the team, especially helping the young talents.

It was a touching moment when Fan signed the contract and MarCoN!c said welcome home to him in a full house of applause. He told the press that Baby is capable to allowing Fan to stay and retire in the team. Fan Shun Cai is now 43.5 k paid 33yo and still fit in form. He is named as the captain of the team and expected to be a starting guard in the coming two seasons. However, the piece of fact that Fan is declining cannot be omitted, averaging only a 33.2 shooting percentage (the lowest in eight seasons, counting from the last season before he left). Anyway, this is the first time Love Baby re-buy a player from other teams, just like a child finds his way back home. Whatever Fan can offer to the team in future, fans and staff especially those witnessed his growth were all thrilled to see him put on his no.2 jersey again.

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