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Fan Shun Cai into Hall-of-Fame: Regretful Not Getting into D1

Former LBB player Fan Shun Cai was officially introduced to the Hall-of-fame following his retirement rejoining with his mother team at the age of 34.

"The most regretful things in my career, em...maybe I didn't help the team get to the top division. Every time, we got to the playoffs, there's full of joy and excitement in the locker room. But it (getting to division 1) seems like a dream we can never reach. It really lets us down."

(How about Baby's rotation this season?) "A good lineup combines with energy and experience. The best lineup ever, and the bench depth, the spacing in offense...I see they try to challenge the champ seriously this season. But it will be tough."

Fan Shun Cai at last thanked wholeheartedly his coach giving him opportunities and the club Love Baby where he grew up. He reminded audience to keep tracking on that on the coming 14th Aug, the hall-of-fame page on the official website of LBB will open.

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