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Get rubbishCCO Beaten Finally

Yesterday night right after the game ended, over ten thousand fans celebrating like their team just won the finals, inside Love Baby home court The Stars Stadium. Why are they so excited? Coz they witnessed Baby's triumph over her rival rubbishCCO by 90-73, not a big margin, but the first time following the last 5 consecutive defeats. A fan almost cried out, ' It's humiliating, that sometimes they won even they pic the game.' Another interviewed has calculated that Baby has lost to rubbishCCO by a total of 54 points before, said,' we perform tonight as a ready-to-promote team, which is capable to beat them.'

rubblishCCO had not led since 2nd quarter, and Fan Cai demonstrated his shooting touch, scoring 38 points for the team to win the game. The incorrect prediction of opponent's tactics is another reason for their lose, despite of that four Baby players had 5 fouls or more on court.

After the game, Love Baby has two full day rest to adjust their mentality and prepare for the finals.

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Surprise Trade

Love Baby has supposedly finalized their roster list by adding a 21 yo and mvp-pot guard Alan Käbi who has similar abilities with Ross, the young talent being surprisingly traded away last week. Fans


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