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The Last Step

'Mak misses the jumper.' 'Ferro grabs a rebound and 15 seconds remaning.' 'Richard holds for the last shot. He drives to the rim without hesitation. He scores and Love Pepe is up by 2!!!.' Over twenty thousand fans witnessed the moment when Richard Frappier hits the game winner. And this implied Baby has beaten their toughest opponent ever. The two managers shook hands and exchanged some words but none of these were captured. 'This was exciting, the best match this season.' said one of the audience wearing mask.

At the post-game conference, Ling Diyao, the captain of Love Pepe who dropped 9 dimes in both playoffs games showed respect to their opponent @Lockdown Defense (a.k.a. Rock Solid) , 'We've given our best performance indeed. We are proud of ourselves, I mean both teams, to be in this kind of high level of matches.'

After this game, Love Baby would reach the finals against another old opponent @Artificial Air. The team which wins in a three-game series would be promoted to the Top Division.


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