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The Signing of LSK


Love Baby has landed Leung Sue Keong (LSK) for 350k yesterday. Leung is a 28-year-old Hong Kong shooting guard with 99k salary, who is the highest paid guard Baby ever signed, showing great ambitions of the club.

On Saturday night, Leung started the SC game for Baby, which was his debut performance. He got 21 points and 2 rebounds, helping Baby to win 115:96 over Rguns II. At the post-game press conference, manager MarCoN!c commented on the player, ” We sure that LSK is the missing part of the team. We regard him as a crucial regular as he has tremendous outside defending and scoring ability and can suit our next-season training schedule well. With him, we are now confident enough to emphasize more on outside tactics.”

But after landing LSK, the salary cap room has diminished and we guess that Love Baby will release some players these few days in order to have a better financial control.

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