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Tomass Dumped?

According to an unidentified source, Love Baby was looking for a team to move point guard Tomass Viškers out of the stadium. Tomass was originally signed by LBB in season 34 with a value of nearly 1.6m and expected to grow after a season's youth training. But it seemed not working for him in comparison with his teammate Bartłomiej Hamkało. This must due to his relatively poor fundamentals such as handling and dribbling.

Though Tomass recorded a over-50 field goal percentage last season, 11.2 ppg contributed only little to the team offense. Besides, his outstanding blocking skills was not useful enough when he was situated in point guard position sometimes. However, losing Tomass would be a loss to LBB of what he could dish accurate passes for easy basket and sketch the floor when he was in high post. In one of his games started as a power forward, he got 10 points, 9 boards and 8 assists, a nearly triple-double figure.

The slow improvement that didn't catch up with the team development pace during reconstruction is fatal to why Tomass was dumped by the team. As the orientation for LBB is clear that the first two seasons are for training the youth and the later two are bridging seasons to battle for D1. If Tomass really has his limits on various skills, he could hardly protect his position in the team.

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