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Where's the Defense

On yesterday's game, Love Pepe was defeated by the newly promoted @Hide On Bush with a 12-point margin. Manager marconic showed his frustration throughout the game and in the press conference.

'Absolutely they can have done more and better defensively. The number of fouls is not acceptable.' Said marconic. Last season, Love Baby ranked 2nd in both team stealing and blocking per game, showing their excellent reputation for defense. While in this game, the team allowed their opponenet shooting 51-percent at the field. The young talent Tsui Chong Kuen was unable to gurad the opposing SF Riccardo Marcon, whom he was outscored by. Tsui did not have much offensive output either, only scoring 6 points and grabbing 4 borads.

Offensively, Chan Ho ruden recorded his second 50-point game this season. But no one stepping up to share the scoring duty was another reason for ths defeat.

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