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A Close Victory, LBB Stays in the 4th

Despite all-star guard Tino Kloker being out due to injury and Tone Lesnik left early with six fouls, Love Pepe still grabbed a lucky road win against @西營盤國王隊. With 45 seconds remaining, Cheng Wee Lee drew a foul and made two free throws that helped Love Pepe take the lead. Cheng then defended well against the opposing shooting guard who missed an critical three-pointer.

After the win, Love Pepe sits tight in the fourth spot of the Eastern Conference. Coach marconic said in the post-game interview, ' No matter we win or lose, (we) just want them (the young talents) to enjoy out there, feel and learn from the game. With two foreign players out, all players on court are local, which is a lineup that Baby has never used before.

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