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No Money No Talk

Having spent 800k on acquiring German all-star Tino Kloker and paid 30k luxary tax for three weeks, money seemed tight for Love Pepe to stay in the league. Rumors even speculated that Love Pepe was almost forced into bankruptcy but manger marconic denied such claim.

After the tough loss in the 3-game battle against @R.I.P. City, the team ended up failing in the 'back to IBL' campaign and at the meantime, has dried up her money. The reconstruction process which aims at building the team around young talents and saving money for big signings to prepare for championship run activated was activated. The team announced the selling of Antero Basílio and Hannes Uri, as agreed earlier with the players, to save some salary cap space. The newcomer Tino Kloker, the second highest paid player, was expected to be included in the list. However, he was not listed as the team could only get 68 percent of the revenue if they sell them at the moment.

Baby fans may have to wait a longer period before the young talents Poon Lai Him and Tsui Chong Kuen grow and become capable in leading the team.

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