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S52 Lunar New Year Treats

Love Baby has been established for 43 seasons and so was her publicity team. Since 19th April, 2010, when the first article published on Love Baby team overview page on Buzzerbeater, Baby continued to promote herself, switching platforms, from Yahoo! Blog to to, aiming at connecting fans with the team.

Recently, editors working for the publicity team in the Love Baby team headquarter were altogether busy for one big project: moving all posts from all platforms onto the current site to give fans and audience a glimpse of the old Love Baby. Now you can type the name of your team on the search box and see whether our posts had mentioned you!

Here we also proudly announce the release of some old but cool features:

Weekly MVP award - The best performed player of each week is awarded

LIVE game - Baby editors broadcast one or two selected live game with you each season

Lastly, we wish you a Happy Lunar New Year of Ox.

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