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Leung Should Worth More

'Thanks for what you brought to the team in the past seasons.' Love Baby manager MarCoN!c left the press conference yesterday with a wholehearted saying.

The 31-year-old shooting guard Leung Sue Keong has been traded in a deal of 211k which is below the market price range of 450-800k. He added that it is a urgent deal to send Leung elsewhere because of the heavy salary burden. Leung is paid 98k weekly this season adding into the 280k total salary that is unaffordable to the current situation of Love Baby. Whether the Leung trade is a wise decision or not, only the future can tell.

Only Leung has stayed with Love Baby for three seasons, but he has a tight bond with his teammates and already been a respected leader of men. Season 27 was one of the best Leung played that he averaged 27.7 Pts and 45.1 3PFG% in over 40 minutes per game. He also brought Baby into Playoffs.

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