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S26 - New Season Greeting


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. We give a warm welcome to you both the new fans and old fans supporting us when Love Baby is heading to her 17th season. This post is special as it may be the last in 2013 and at the same time the first in Season 26.

First of all, we are here again in division 3, but this is not the point we need to give up. We stay here for reconstruction of the team to prepare for tougher challenge when going back to division 2. Therefore we aim at not quickly holding the playoff position, but saving cash through ticket and souvenir revenue. The season objective will be disclosed soon.

Secondly, we proudly announce the brand new opening of our site at A week ago, we have landed here to first test the site performance and second to transfer the materials from After the pre-launch, we can conclude several points for the reason of moving.

1. Reader-friendly: Our site can be optimized with your portable devices now.

2. Designer-friendly: Many customization functions and beautiful templates that every website designer likes.

3. Stabler access: It's better than whatever.

4. Whole-package: We are now not restricted only on writing blogs to you, but creating a website!

Before you move on, please click here to have a look of the website guide first.

Hope you enjoy and wish you all the best in 2014. :)

Love Baby,


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