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S28 Mid-Season Adjustment

Our team objectives are correspondingly amended a bit due to the decline of league competitiveness. Originally we decided only to win a place in Playoffs, but in the past half season many teams cannot survive and were taken over by the association. Confronting to the change above, we stand at either the top or second, following a winning streak. Being one of the superior teams that lead the league, we decided to be more ambitious and sighting a place for promotion this season. We are prepared for that, just wait and see in division two!

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S28 Player Statistics

Here's the Season 28 Player Statistics. Please enjoy! Click here to access. #notice #season28

Get rubbishCCO Beaten Finally

Yesterday night right after the game ended, over ten thousand fans celebrating like their team just won the finals, inside Love Baby home court The Stars Stadium. Why are they so excited? Coz they wit

Surprise Trade

Love Baby has supposedly finalized their roster list by adding a 21 yo and mvp-pot guard Alan Käbi who has similar abilities with Ross, the young talent being surprisingly traded away last week. Fans


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