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S31 Off-Season Move (1)

Antonio Mancha was finally traded for 662k though his improvements were obvious this season. Mainly in offensive outputs, he averaged 16.7 PPG, doubled the figure of previous season and made 40 3-pointers over the season. He was the 2nd scoring option when the team had lost their two pillars. Rumors reported earlier that intensive training would not be arranged for him, even if he had immense improvements. But none expected he would be traded soon after the season ended.

Manager MarCoN!c accounted for Antonio's trade,' (He) is a royal player for sure. Bonds between him and other teammates are good. They played for over 5-6 seasons together, with Oswin and VB. He (maybe) one of the guys staying the longest with the team currently. We are glad to see improvements from him that will be useful to further his career in a less competitive environment.'

He added that Love Baby was also seeking buyers for Vladan Belada and Corrado Varaldi which is one of the crucial steps to building a youthful, and at the same time, championship team.


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