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Season 28 Trade Story

This season at the opening, Love Baby has made numerous big moves. We get them summarized in chronological order so easier for fans to follow. Sze dropped by the team Near the end of last season, Baby manager MarCoN!c revealed his unsatisfactory of the slow training progress of Sze Yie Ming. The 25 yo point guard was compared with his same age teammate, pot 10 Antonio that the club tended to keep Antonio and trade Sze for 700k cash. 90k Big Man VB Baby then immediately used the cash to trade in Vladan Belada of 357k. He can both attack and protect the rim with rebounding and also has respectable handling and dribbling skills. He was assigned to support another veteran big man KHA. Fan Cai Back Home The rest of the cash is spent to buy back the 33 yo Fan Cai after wandering around for two seasons. Baby officially announce to have reached an agreement to a discounted price approximately 153k with snoopteam (a French basketball club). The undervalued Leung Trade Having the weekly salary piling up to nearly 300k which derived a net loss for the club economy, cut off starting from 90k Leung is the most proper procedure for a team not aiming at promotion this season. The first time Baby put Leung into the transfer market priced 500k but no responses returned, and the next time receiving only a 160k bid. The club was not satisfied as the player should value between 500-800k accorded to the league averages, and thus give up their high expectations and let him go in a deal of 211k. Prospect On 26th Jul, Lai the main talent was reported an injury for two weeks, therefore to avoid waste of training time, the USA youngster Ross is bought to be a co-trainee. Rumors report this may not be the end of trades for Baby this season. As Baby is now training inside shooting and maybe nearly playoffs will start training jump shots, and till then Baby will need a low cost big man to fill the starting PF position and shift VB to the 5.



S28 Player Statistics

Here's the Season 28 Player Statistics. Please enjoy! Click here to access. #notice #season28

Get rubbishCCO Beaten Finally

Yesterday night right after the game ended, over ten thousand fans celebrating like their team just won the finals, inside Love Baby home court The Stars Stadium. Why are they so excited? Coz they wit

Surprise Trade

Love Baby has supposedly finalized their roster list by adding a 21 yo and mvp-pot guard Alan Käbi who has similar abilities with Ross, the young talent being surprisingly traded away last week. Fans


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