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2021 Review

Love Pepe experienced three fascinating seasons in the first half of year 2021, and yet relegated from IBL to D2.1 in season 55. Not matter where Baby played at, there are valuable moments that impressed all Baby fans.

The Showcase of Antero Basílio

The all-star shooting guard reached his full potential under the coaching of marconic. The veteran showed tremendous improvement in shot accuracy, from 31.9 percent in season 52 to 38.9 percent in season 52 for three balls. He continued to contribute and led the league in score (26.9 points) in season 54. Playing against less competitive teams in D2.1, Antero Basílio had a great leap in shooting percentage (51 percent for both two-pointers and three pointers)

The Rise of 2 Local Stars

Two local players Chan Ho ruden and Cheng Wee Lee who joined the team in season 47 and 51 respectively. They took up the starting role in Season 55 as they got the opportunity after some highly paid starters left the team. In regular season 55, Cheng recorded 10 double-doubles and the highest field-goal percentage (62.1 percent) in 19 appearances, while Chan averaged 20.7 points (just doubled the previous season) and 57.3 three-point percentage (top in the league) in 20 appearances. More offensive outputs are anticipated in the coming season as the team kicks off the reconstruction process.

The Dream Team

Love Pepe formed the dream team in Season 52 and has been using the same lineup for three consecutive seasons in IBL since then. Leung Woon Wing, Antero Basílio, Libero Ferro, Spiro Dzabirski, Ou Yingfan, Ling Diyao and Tone Lesnik as backups and Chan Ho ruden and Cheng Wee Lee as growing young talents. Antero and Ling shared the scoring and the two starting big mans Dzabirski and Ou locked down the paint. Leung was the floor general and Ferro was a two-way defensive player. The lineup was the most flawless one among 54 seasons, but somehow lacking interior defense, in order to stay in the competitive IBL.




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