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S55: The Best Is Yet To Come

After battling in such competitive IBL for 5 seasons, Love Pepe eventually dropped out of the league after two tough losses against @HAHA001. It was completely cruel that the matchup didn't give any hope as the team has been outscored by the opponent.

Revisiting Division 2.1, which was 13 seasons ago, manager marconic felt excited, 'IBL is too competitive for us, at least the current us. Division 2 is a place containing our memories, taste of winning and so on. We look forward to staying here, for a longer period. (What for?) Maybe to save money, wait for our talents to grow and lead us to the next level.

Talking about the young talent, Season 54 was really one of good harvest. Love Pepe drafted the 19-year-old small forward Tsui Chong Kuen, who has a great body build of 6 ft 7. Benefited from his height, he can guard multiple types of players on court. Tsui is expected to take up a rather significant role during the team's reconstruction process, in which the team will be built around him.

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