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Younger Than Ever

A recent move in the trade market has proven Love Pepe a goal-oriented organization, strictly following their objective of player localization. They spent 1.6 million to acquire the 23-year-old local point guard Yan Yifu and sent away the Slovenian guard Tine Peršina, who has only played 25 regular games for the club.

In a less competitive league, Baby intends to use a younger lineup, letting the newly acquired talents to gain experiences in regular games. The average age of the starting six drops from 31.6 in last season to 28.2 this season. 28-year-old Cheng Wee Lee and 26-year-old Chan Ho ruden finally got their names listed in the starting lineup. Hopefully, they can maintain competitiveness of the team and carry the team through the reconstruction process.

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