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Battle for the Starting Position


It has been a heated issue in Love Baby for a long time, beyond the arrival of their new teammate Hugo Šík, that who the starting power forward will be. Hugo has played three regular games ever since, in which he started two. The first game he played as a cornerman and the second he subbed as a PF, though he averaged only around 10 pts - 9 rebounds, a nearly double-double. Coming to his third game, he was assigned to start the PF position he feels the most comfortable with. Whenever he found space, he responded in prompt actions and scored efficiently. And for the defensive end, he spared no effort to protect the glass and maintained the opposite center Tsang to record only 7 pts throughout the game.

The convincing performance provided by Hugo, has now proven he is better than Pier to be a four, despite lacking passing and handling skills. Yet, their manager MarCoN!c is skilled at utillizing his players in varios sets of tactics that Hugo may not get one of the starting five secured unless he continues strong performances like that night's.

Below is Hugo's complete statistc that night vs Boro gogo.

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