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The Season Almost Ends

All 22 regular games had been finished by Love Baby after their convincing performance against @Killbane who ranked second in the East before the game and got it stolen from home yesterday. Baby ended the season with a 15W-7L result similar to their expectation at the start.

'I don't think we had a good season that we were rather lax in defense (as Points Against ranked the seventh in the league). But we had done our best overall, at least getting the ticket to playoffs.' Coach MarCoN!c commented. Standing strongly in the tough II.4 East is difficult, especially for a franchise just coming back. 'Maybe we cannot win against @Drunk Bears, but we'll try it hard or what amazing will happen! And don't forget we have won once before.'

The LOV-DRU matchup will take place on Tuesday, 7pm, at O3 Arena, while @Oneal will face @Killbane at home.

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