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Fan is Off

'The 16th pick of season 12 BuzzerBeater draft, Love Baby selects...' The 18 year-old went up stage, shaking hands with his new boss MarCoN!c who proudly announced, ' He is one of our best draftees for Love Baby and will surely be a star one day.'

Time flies and 17 seasons has passed. Once Fan was sold to another team but recalled at season 28 by Love Baby his mother team where he finished his career at. Former teammate Vincent spoke about his retirement, 'Just never think of him retiring such early, impossible, man. He is still young and an active member of the team.'

Speculations varies that some thought Fan was too tired to be a starter matching his public speech earlier; some related that to the issue of team chemistry as many new faces like Pier, Hugo arrived Baby last season. A reason standing out from the rest might be a matter of potential. As in Buzzerbeater world, there are limits of how good a player can develop and divided into 12 grades from announcer to all-time great. Fan is at all-star class which his skills may be declined at the age of 33-34. Some might therefore guess Fan retiring due to aging.

Fan once was the captain of Love Baby, and had won three championships together with the team in season 13, 22, and 28, but none was in division 2. His brightest performance was in a TV game on 2014/10/4 against @The Magpies, that he scored a career-high 55 points.

It is by no means painless for fans to forget what Fan has brought to the team. He shares his experience with the latecomers. He teaches the young how to play. When he is on court, every team member is motivated. Yet, it is time for Fan to keep the honors with him going off from the court.

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